My sis always had the heating plan set too high

When I went to visit our sister Bob recently, I grimaced when I walked into her home.

Bob has the heating plans cranked up to truly high temperatures. I mean, sure it was chilly outside, but I had gone from chilly weather to an incredibly boiling environment. I could feel the perspiration within hours and I asked Bob if she could adjust the temperature control settings. Bob looked at myself and others and laughed. Bob said it was way too chilly and she didn’t want to have to cover myself up with a blanket. So basically, while I was in the visit, I had to suffer. When I looked at the temperature control, Bob yelled at myself and others saying that I better not mess with the temperature control settings. I just looked at the temperature control and I saw that she had it set to eighty degrees! I mean, who wants such a high temperature in their home, seriously! I kept trying to convince Bob that it was too sizzling and she was wasting currency. I told Bob that her energy bills were going to be through the roof, however this didn’t budge her, not even a little bit. Bob said if I was feeling too boiling, I was welcome to take a chilly shower or I could always put a damp towel over our head. Surprisingly, that was a wonderful plan and so I was hanging out with a damp towel over our head the whole visit pretty much. Bob would laugh at myself and others from time to time, but I didn’t care at all, because at least it made myself and others think more comfortable.
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