It’s Better to Use a Bee Removal Specialist Instead of an Exterminator

I work for a major construction supplier in the town I live in and we have multiple buildings on the property.

  • A few years ago, the people I was with and I discovered that there were bees inside the walls of one of our conference rooms.

We needed to remove the bees for their safety and for ours, then initially the admin called our extermination supplier because at the time she had no idea who to contact. Then thankfully, our exterminator advised her to call a commercial bee removal repair instead. Both of us were ecstatic about that advice since a removal repair would better take care of the bees. After searching online for a bee removal dealer, she was able to find one. Two days later, after the people I was with and I initially discovered the bees, the bee removal repair was on the property assessing the situation. Unfortunately, we were told that the bees could not be saved because it wasn’t a colony, but a displaced swarm. However, it would cause significant problems with the building if he attempted to save the bees. It was a actually tough situation as the decision on how to handle the bees was out of our hands. A few of us from the office wanted to get a better understanding if there were other options that all of us could explore. But due to the nature of the situation, and the fact that it wasn’t a massive colony of bees, the bee removal repair had no choice in how they proceeded in removing them. Needless to say, the bees were removed, and it caused little to no destruction. And the hole where the bees entered the conference room was fixed as well, to avoid this from happening again in the future.
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