It would have been chilly if we didn’t turn on the heating

A few afternoons ago, I kept asking everybody in the apartment if they were feeling cold.

I mean, earlier in the afternoon, the temperature was quite nice.

We really had a nice sunny afternoon until all of us got into the day hours, by that time, it was starting to pur rain and the temperatures started dropping suddenly after that. I didn’t even have the Heating plus A/C plan running because it was such a lovely afternoon after having a bunch of chilly afternoons. Well, even though Joe told myself and others the temperature was just fine, I still went to the temperature control unit to turn the heating plan on, feeling the additional warmth from the heating plan felt nice. I didn’t want to crank the temperatures up too high, because I didn’t want a costly energy bill just because I was using the oil furnace. Well, the temperatures continued to drop and Joe really asked myself and others why I turned the heating plan on in the first place. I gave her an incredulous look. I asked Joe if she had any plan how chilly it was outside, the temperature outside was already in the low 40s, even though it was in the 80s earlier in the afternoon before the rain was coming down, however Joe didn’t think myself and others until she went to take the dog for a walk. Joe said she had to get the umbrella, and the dog didn’t even want to stay out for truly long because it was getting so chilly out there. Joe finally admitted that it was a wonderful plan to turn the heating on afterall, or Joe and I would have been chilly in the house.
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