I wanted paint protection.

I had recently had a custom paint task done on our car, plus I didn’t want the paint to become disfigured… I talked to the girl at the auto customization shop plus asked if they had paint protection movie.

I had study about paint protection movie, plus I thought it would be a good way to keep the paint from peeling, being disfigured by bugs hitting the cars, rocks coming up off the road, or from people touching our car, and the girl who did the paint task asked if I wanted the paint protection movie put on the car.

I wanted to get snarky plus tell him no, plus I just wanted to think if they carried it, but I bit our tongue. I told him that if they had paint protection movie, I would like to have it put on the car. She asked myself and others many questions about the style of paint protection movie I wanted plus then she told myself and others the price. I had a nice car, however to spend our money up to $10,000 to have the paint protection movie installed was outrageous. I wanted to think if they had anything like paint protection movie that would cost less, but she told myself and others about a ceramic coating I could put on our automobile that absolutely cost less than $100 plus I could do it myself. She said it didn’t do everything the paint protection movie would do, however our automobile should look like new for up to 2 or 3 years depended on how well I ran tests on our car.

Car Paint Protection Film Installation

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