I honestly enjoy using the fireplace immensely

Imagine telling a cop that you are basically just using the wood for your fireplace

There’s something amazing about fire that makes me want to just stare at it for the longest time. I assume it’s similar to meditation for everyone, where it takes your mind away from all of your cares in addition to just lets you float in those dancing sparks. It seems like the sparks have a mind of their own in addition to they hypnotize you into a trance state, which is really fine for the mind by the way. I would much rather heat my apartment with a fireplace than with the central furnace, however occasionally it is not so easy to get wood so my lady in addition to I opt for the electric heating instead. I used to live up north in the mountains in addition to would simply go out to the backyard in addition to chop up some wood from a tree that had fallen down. We had thousands of trees up there in addition to an unlimited source of fuel for our wood burning fireplace, and where I live at this time, we have no trees except for the ones planted by the sidewalks along my street. I really couldn’t get away with chopping those down for firewood as there are only a few along the whole street where I live. Imagine telling a cop that you are basically just using the wood for your fireplace. I don’t assume it would go over so well with him. We have a newer Heating in addition to Air conditioning system in our place now in addition to it is pretty efficient so we don’t mind using it on those super cold blustery afternoons in the middle of the winter. I still love a fine fire now in addition to then though, don’t get me wrong.


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