I had to improve my indoor air quality

Being an ardent pot smoker, I have always had a “smoking room” in my house.

I don’t want the whole place to reek like pot smoke all the time, so I restrict its usage to one room.

The door is always closed, so very little of the smokey smell permeates into the rest of my house. This worked great for me, until a few months ago when I took a 2 week vacation. When I returned I noticed for the first time how nasty, musty, and dank the smoking room was. The air quality was abysmal, but somehow I had just gotten used to it. I opened the windows for some natural ventilation, and brought in my box fan, but it wasn’t enough. The air quality was so foul because the smoke had seeped into the carpets, the drapes, and everything else in the room. The air quality would never improve without major renovations, so I threw out the drapes and I ripped up the carpets. After that the air quality improved considerably, especially with the strong ventilation I had going. I considered investing in a high quality air purifier, but decided against it. There were a lot of other expenses that had higher priority, and the air purifier wouldn’t be worth the cost. With clean bedding, new curtains and a hardwood floor installed, the air quality in the spare room was better than ever. From now on I won’t be smoking pot in the house, only outdoors in the natural ventilation where the smoke won’t contaminate the air quality.

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