I finally started writing this book

It was about a year ago that the idea of writing my first book came to me, but I was overwhelmed by the idea and I found it difficult to put words on paper.

Due to the fact that I had not planned out how I would write it in advance, I had no idea what the outcome of my writing process would be.

In order to make this book useful to my readers, I took some time to think about what format and organization would be most effective for delivering my message to them. In order to come up with what I wanted to write, I spent a lot of time thinking and wondering. My real life became too busy during this period of time, and I was not able to dedicate enough time to the book. The moment I realized that I had the time to write my book, I resolved to begin writing as soon as possible. There was something getting in the way of my concentration while I was sitting at my desk, brainstorming plot points and ideas for my book. That was the HVAC system that I had. Due to the extreme heat of the summer, I ran the air conditioning system at high speed. Whenever I tried to write something down on paper, the cool air from the air vent would blow the paper off the desk as it was situated directly under the air vent while I was doing my work. I had to turn off the air conditioner several times as a result of my frustration. As a result of doing so, the house got very hot inside, and I couldn’t stand it at all! In order to work on my book, I eventually relocated to a new location.

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