I didn’t expect a new Heating plus A/C unit

When I was talking to our brother Joe the other afternoon, I was shocked when he told myself and others he recently installed his own Heating plus A/C system, so I needed to ask how in the world he had been able to manage such a big job.

I really called around to weird Heating plus A/C companies and got quotes for weird brands of Heating plus A/C replacements, when Joe said he installed a ductless mini split, that shocked myself and others even more; One of the Heating plus A/C experts proposed a ductless mini split system, saying how energy efficient it was and how I could have a bunch of weird zones with customized temp control settings, and my brother smiled and said that he installed 4 zones on his own; Joe said he was considering going for a 5 zone system, however they were out of stock when he went to purchase his system.

Joe explained that the plan was delivered suddenly, and the delivery was really free! Joe then went on to tell myself and others that he studied weird replacement videos until he was 100% confident he could take care of the replacement on his own. Joe really went for a DIY plan with all the wiring labeled and the line sets color coded for easy replacement. Joe told myself and others he thought the replacement would be more difficult, however it was quite straightforward. When I asked Joe if he could help myself and others with this category of replacement, he said it would be no problem. I’m so happy because in a week, I should be getting the new Heating plus A/C system, and Joe said to contact him as soon as it arrives at our home!


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