Had the professional out to check my boiler system

Before the winter season, I had an HVAC professional come out to check the boiler system. He looked around the thing and opened it up. He was saying how the inner workings of the unit were in excellent condition and it didn’t even need to be cleaned. He also remarked that we must have good water because in some places, these systems will show more signs of deterioration. He suspected that this boiler was at least 40 years old, which was surprising to me. The piping was all in great condition and the boiler system worked just fine. I just thought I needed a tune-up. He was saying how the newer boiler systems would require more maintenance, because they don’t build these systems like they used to. I suspected that we could get another decade out of the boiler system which I appreciated. Then he noticed there was a leak coming from my water heater. He said this thing definitely had to be upgraded right away. I asked him what kind of water heater I should get, and said I would probably go to Lowes for something. The guy stopped me and said that I didn’t want one of those cheap water heaters because they are not built to last. He said to just go for something like a Bradford White water heater because they are built better with an interior glass lining to prevent deterioration. I told him the job was his if he could get the water heater. It was in a few days when he came out with the new water heater and installed it for me. He also was telling me that I should consider going for a ductless mini split air conditioner in the spring, to have the best cooling for my home. I think I will be calling the professional in the spring to take care of that!



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