A new Heating plus A/C update in the laundry room

For a long time, our wife Pat complained about the laundry room being very cramped up in the home.

I had to agree with her, we were confined because there was the boiler system, the indoor central cooling unit, and there was also a large heating system on top of that, then also, it wasn’t that laundry room was too large because all of us had bought a small home.

The wonderful news is that all of us owned the place, but I never really pondered too much about the section in the laundry room until Pat started talking about it. I finally consulted with an Heating plus A/C expert to see what chances all of us had. Pat and I really had been saving up a lot of currency over the years, and I worked overtime whenever it was available. Pat figured all of us had more than enough currency to really do something with the laundry room. Pat and I were both delighted when hearing about the weird options. Our primary concern was how all of us could free up some section and improve the laundry room. Pat heard about the combi boilers which sounded perfect because they not only provide heating to your home, however they also supply your sizzling water needs without the need of using a sizzling water heater. This meant all of us would be able to get rid of that big sizzling water tank, effectively freeing up some fancy space. Then Pat liked the sound of getting a ductless mini split air conditioning. We would be able to be rid of all the ductwork in the laundry room, and this plan is highly energy efficient. So Pat and I went for the combi boiler and ductless mini split air conditioning. I also bought our wifey a new washer/dryer set that stack on top of each other, giving her tons of room and all of us remodeled the laundry room and it looks amazing!



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