Man cave comes to life with first rate air conditioning

I don’t really feel like a guy’s guy and I never really have. That’s just a fact that makes it all the more strange that I actually have a man cave. This wasn’t exactly my idea. There was some talk during the pandemic about how I just couldn’t get all the air conditioning that I wanted. My internal thermostat tends to run a bit hotter than the rest of my family. So when we were stuck inside the central air conditioning during the pandemic, I was stuck with the thermostat setting. And it’s not like I just sat and whined about it. But I was hot and spent time out of the air conditioning walking in the evening. I figured if I was going to be hot, I might as well get out and get some exercise. Plus, coming in from a hard walk always made the HVAC cooling feel even better. So perhaps that’s where the idea that dad needed his own space came from. I also live with an all female household. That’s my wife and three daughters. So their idea was that since I’m a man, I would like a man cave. I certainly love the intention and the consideration. I mean, how awesome are my girls? And for sure, I’m totally in love with ductless heat pump they put in the part of the basement where they put together the rest of my man cave. It’s awesome and I’m getting all the excellent air conditioning that I can stand. Still, I think I’m going to have tone down the overtly sport themed decor. And I really don’t need a keg. But I love my girls for trying and I adore the ductless heat pump.



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