Changing out the HVAC was the first step

I wasn’t sure whether I was a victim of a very shrewd and cruel practical joke or what was going on. But when I got the registered mail at my door on a Saturday, the first thing I thought was that I was in trouble. But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what sort of trouble or with whom I was in trouble with. I lived a very quiet life of going to work and coming home to my apartment with the ancient heating and cooling equipment. That apartment had been where I’d lived for the better part of a decade and a half. I didn’t finish my education and was working the same job that I had when I was 21. Of course, I had moved up and along with that came more money. But it wasn’t the sort of money where I could put a downpayment on my own house with my own HVAC unit. So when I got this letter that said I had just been given a house and 7 acres, I thought it was a hoax. The letterhead looked legit but then again, how would I know. I didn’t have a lawyer. And offices were closed anyway so I couldn’t call. I just sat and read more. My uncle had died and left me his house or so I was to believe. Well, it turns out that this was all true and I had a house. Of course, the property was worth far more than the house as it was pretty banged up. Still, I wanted to live there and fix it up. The first step was getting some good residential HVAC in that joint. Once I did that, the rest seemed doable.



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