Working for A Commercial Air Conditioning Company is A Breeze

The a/c company I work for has been great to me plus I supply them our best each time I come in to work.

I was undoubtedly low on currency when I first got the job toiling for them plus they even fronted me our first couple of paychecks so I could get on our feet again while toiling for them.

I’ve been an HVAC salesman for them for a few years now, toiling our way up the ranks from a floor sweeper, plus I have managed to save some currency plus even rent a sizable new flat in the village center. I invested a chunk of our currency at the wrong time so now I am going to have to let it kneel plus hope that it goes back up, which I suppose it will in time. I work about 40 hours a month at the HVAC company plus the two of us have a lot of commercial accounts now that the two of us didn’t have till I started the sales job. I’ve helped them grow a lot plus they have helped me a lot with our life, getting me out of the tent life I was living plus helping me to live a more normal plus comfortable existence. I am pretty wonderful with selling HVAC equipment plus have made some great contacts in the field, racking up sales of over a million dollars in a couple of years. I will continue to work there plus live how I have been living, along with being undoubtedly appreciative plus humble about our whole experience of life.


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