What to Write About when There’s Nothing to Write About

I guess there is constantly something you can write about but where does it come from? Where do these words come from in our mind, or do they come from our heart? They say that 95% of what the two of us suppose of comes from the heart plus is sent to the brain via electrical impulses.

  • It’s pretty cool that the heart really guides us if the two of us listen to it.

This is why I stopped doing comedy plus switched to songs. Comedy comes from the brain plus from thinking, songs just comes from the heart. I’m sleepy of thinking. My HVAC company has me thinking enough while I am at work so when I get cabin I just want to shut it off plus listen to what our heart has to say. It starts with a feeling in the heart plus then transforms to a thought in the brain I guess. I do have to suppose when programming smart control units for shoppers plus when problemshooting a concern with an HVAC system in someone’s house, but when I come cabin I prefer to turn it all off plus just relax. I was an engineer back in the morning plus all the two of us did all morning long was suppose plus solve problems plus when I got cabin I would be totally exhausted from thinking all morning. I suppose this month I will get a single of the HVAC techs to come out plus take a look at our central cooling system to see why it isn’t cooling as well anymore. Maybe it just needs a charge but I’ll let the tech decide.

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