Learning more about air conditioning to catch someone's interest

There was only so much that I could grasp

I have had a crush on this lady for a very long time since the first day I met her at the diner, where I sometimes picked my morning coffee on my way to work. I even made a habit of it to see her. On this particular day, I had her talk to her friend about needing an a/c rep since she had a problem with her heat pump. As she was walking out, I approached her and introduced myself. I apologized for eavesdropping on her conversation, but I could not help since I was a cooling specialist. It was a lie the little I knew about air conditioning was what I had learned during a brief call when I had signed up for an annual air conditioning tune-up from the guys who did my air conditioning installation. The other time was when I was at a friend’s house when he had his air conditioning filter replaced. I was so green regarding HVAC that it was pitiful, but I was a man on a mission. I set out to learn more about air conditioning and had two days to do it. I called a friend who works in the air conditioning business and probed him with endless questions. When he started explaining various scenarios regarding air conditioning repair depending on the type of cooling equipment I was working on, I started worrying that I would not be able to pull it off. The list of cooling products was already long enough, and I could not remember the one she mentioned. There was only so much that I could grasp. My fellow air conditioning expert friend volunteered to go with me. When the day came, he discovered that it only needed an air conditioning tune-up. I also got her number, and we set a date two weeks later.
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