I wanted current leather chairs for my office.

When I opened my newest office for my interior design company, I wanted it to look as wonderful as what my purchasers expected for their homes.

My first meeting with my buyers is to sit down and chat about their wants, needs, and wishes.

I wanted to have at least various leather chairs in my office; These chairs were for my buyers, since I had a current lumbar support chair to go with my glass desk. I found it cumbersome to have a leather chair at my desk! During the first meeting with my buyers, I was often getting up and pulling swatch books out of the cupboards, or pictures of designs that I had already created. My purchasers typically wanted to know what I had done in the past, and to see some of the labor that put together… A dossier is an pressing section of any interior designer’s interview… Not only am I interviewing my purchasers, however they are interviewing me at the same time to see if I fit in with their ideas of a home. That means that the first thing I need to do is make my current buyers comfortable. If they have a comfortable leather chair to sit in, it will be easier for them to listen to what I’m saying, look at what I’m showing them, and not be fidgeting while wondering when I am going to get done so they can go home. The current leather chairs will add to the ambience of my office and hopefully make my future buyers believe welcome.

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