I finally decided to hire a personal trainer

After months of trying to lose weight on my own, I finally decided to hire a personal trainer. I have been yo-yo dieting for the last 6 months and it has not been working for me. My goal is to lose 15 pounds and to date, I have lost a whopping 3 pounds. And I can only blame myself because I have not been following the workout plan that I started 6 months ago. So, I need someone who will hold me accountable and make sure that I stick to the fitness routine. I do have a gym membership, but I am only making it to the gym 2 maybe 3 times per week on a good week. My personal trainer works at my gym, so that makes it even better for me. He has already given me the workout plan that he would like me to follow, and part of that plan is that I need to be in the gym at least 4 times per week. In addition, he wants me to do a 3-day cleanse to get my body ready to kickstart the healthy meal plans that he has given to me. Most of those meals include lean meats and vegetables. This should be easy enough to follow, as long as I have the items that I need. My favorite part about his workout plan is that I can have a day off, where I get to eat whatever I want, within reason. And this doesn’t mean I should binge on burgers, fries, or pizza, what it means is, if I want some fries, I should bake them instead of frying them, and if I want a burger, I should substitute the bun with lettuce. I think this should be easy enough to follow, so I am looking forward to seeing the results.


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