An air conditioning appointment with a pastor

I had just finished installing a thermostat in a nearby home which was all I was to do today.

I had the rest of the day off to celebrate my nephew’s birthday and catch up on family time.

He was the first grandchild and had been my parents’ only grandchild for six years. My parents doted on him. On my way home, I received a phone call from my pastor, which surprised me. He asked if I could check out his a/c and check what needed air conditioning repair. He further explained that there was constant oscillation in cooling which made him suspect something was wrong with the air conditioning unit. He knew I worked as a cooling specialist when I was part of the crew that did the air conditioning installation in the church three years ago, which was my first. The pastor had come up with a list of cooling products and was having difficulty deciding. The air conditioning expert he consulted helped him learn more about air conditioning to make an informed decision. He opted for a heat pump which was best suited for the church. The other unit had been through so many air conditioning repairs, and the a/c rep had advised that a new team was the only way to go. I also devised the perfect air conditioning tune-up plan, including air conditioning filter replacements. The new cooling equipment we installed used new cooling technology. I informed him that I was tied up with work at the air conditioning business for the day, but I would be available the following day.



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