A rodent in the undefined

I was wiping the flour from my hands when I saw Ira.

I finished preparing our orders for the day.

Ira is my bestie, however we are opposites. Ira would not know what to do with an oven, even with the most simple of orders. But I enjoy baking so much that I turned it into a side business. One time, Ira moved into my house because she claimed there was a rat in her air conditioner system. Even after the a/c rep assured her that her system had a mechanical issue and that is why it was producing the unnerving noise, she was still afraid. Ira went ahead and called a different air conditioning business. The other HVAC guy made inquiries about things she may have noticed since she called, saying she may need maintenance. It was then that she realized that the noise had indeed stopped. She finally agreed that it was an air conditioning tune up that she needed. The whole time I was trying so hard not to burst out into laughter. When the HVAC technician looked over the system, he mentioned that it was one of the cleanest and most efficient that he’d ever come across, and it only needed simple repairs. I remember when she had first moved into her home. She had asked me to accompany her as she went shopping for the best possible HVAC system she could find. I knew there was nothing majorly wrong with her HVAC system after only a year. I also knew there were certainly no rodents scurrying around in the ductwork!

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