A rodent in the air conditioning system

I was wiping the flour from my hands when I saw Layla.

I finished preparing my orders for the day.

Layla is my best friend, but we are opposites; Layla would not know what to do with an oven, even with the most straightforward recipe. On the other hand, I love baking so much that I turned it into a side business. There was a time she moved into my house because she claimed there was a rat in her air condition unit. Even after the a/c rep assured her that the air conditioning installation had a mechanical issue and that is why it was producing the strange noise, she was not satisfied. Layla went ahead and called a different air conditioning business. The air conditioning expert made inquiries about things she may have noticed since she called, saying she needed air conditioning repair. It was then that she realized that the noise had indeed stopped; she told him that what she needed was an air conditioning tune-up. The whole time I was trying so hard to stifle my laugh. The cooling specialist did as asked, but when he finished, he said that it had been a long time since he came across such a clean a/c system, even though the air conditioning filter looked new. He assured her that she was in the best condition it could be in and even tried to teach her more about air conditioning but knowing Layla, she could not wait for him to finish. Some years back, when she was looking for the best cooling equipment for her home, she tagged me along to look at all the cooling products she had ever heard of, and her indecisive nature did not help matters. We eventually sought the help of an air conditioning expert, and that’s when she opted for a heat pump.

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