We’re having issues with the hot water heater

The people I was with and I had a complication with the hot water this month and I went to look up in the attic, where they have the hot water tank for some different reason, and it is all rusty and leaking.

I just don’t recognize why they would put the tank up in the attic.

It’s good to put your waterbed up in the attic kitchen of a house, knowing that if it leaks it is going to do a lot of long term damage to the house. Maybe the electric water furnace both of us had should have been put in the basement instead. I’ll never understand why they put it up there but at this point it absolutely doesn’t matter, both of us just need to get it fixed either way. I recognize both of us are going to switch to a tankless instant hot water heating program so both of us don’t have to worry about leaking tanks ever again. I am going to have to call a supplier to come out and do the repairs as I am not great with plumbing and electrical repairs. There is a local supplier in our area which is absolutely great and I recognize they are open this month so I will have to give them a call and get on this. I don’t really savor taking cold showers in the fall because the water is way too cold. I wonder if both of us should go with a gas furnace this time, or if an electric furnace is more efficient. I’m sure they can tell me which single is better. I could also go online and do some research myself as well.


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