I was so cheerful when they gave me a free UV media air cleaner

I wasn’t actually expecting anything amazing when I called up the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, I just wanted to set up an appointment to have my HVAC duct cleaning done.

This was something that I made sure to do every other year, although I never look forward to the cost of this procedure, even though it’s something that is totally necessary if you want good air quality at home. Well, when the Heating and Air Conditioning experts came out to take care of the HVAC duct cleaning, they did excellent work. They also told me that they were having a special promotion where they were giving out free UV media air cleaners for the first 100 clients who got their HVAC duct cleaning done, and I was number 99! I couldn’t guess my luck and I was actually delighted when they handed me my new UV media air cleaner. The new media air cleaner is completely amazing and it has improved the air quality in my new home immensely. I mostly use it in the family room, the family room and my dining room. I basically just leave it running wherever I go these nights. I even have a taxing time not bringing it with me when I go to visit friends and family. I guess that none of my family has a nice UV whole-house air purifier, so it just makes me guess safer and healthier. Honestly, I don’t guess I’ve been sick even once since I started using that UV media air cleaner! Perhaps I should write a thank you letter to the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation! I guess they deserve that for doing such good work and helping the community.

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