It wasn’t a pleasant thing when the cooling system quit working

I have to tell you, it’s not a fun thing when you are surrounded by HVAC vents in the summer that aren’t pushing out cold air.

I had to experience this recently at my home, and it’s honestly my own fault.

I really should have called the HVAC company to have my cooling system tuned up, but cash has been so tight as of late. It was so foolish of me though thinking that I could somehow save money by not maintaining a major system in my home. Things were so miserable in my home when the cooling system broke down, I was honestly thinking of calling for emergency repair services. The thing is, those services are way too expensive! Instead, I ordered a couple of window AC units to be delivered overnight, and then I hooked those up to keep the house somewhat cool while I was waiting for an official HVAC technician to arrive. It honestly took a whole week for an HVAC expert to arrive. He actually was surprised when our house wasn’t completely boiling and miserable, but he saw that we were using the window AC units. Those window AC units didn’t work so bad, and I made sure to tell friends and family about those, people who were struggling with their cooling systems having issues as well. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I had the cooling system finally working. Of course, it got me thinking about upgrading to something better and more efficient in the future. The HVAC pro said we should think about going for a ductless HVAC system, since they are far more energy efficient.


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