Can’t get over all the HVAC advancements in my home

When the HVAC technician informed us that the HVAC unit was nearing the end, I wasn’t all that thrilled.

The idea of laying out all that money in order to replace the HVAC equipment wasn’t something I was eager to do. That was especially true given the fact that we were still reeling from the financial hit the pandemic dealt us. But there really was nothing much to do but dip into our savings and get new residential HVAC. When we started looking online, my wife and I were immediately overwhelmed with all the information and the vast variety of HVAC equipment. We decided to visit the HVAC professionals first to see what they had to say. That was a very good idea indeed. The HVAC contractor that we met with took us from the least to the latest in residential HVAC. And he made sure to include only the models that would fit the air volume of our house. This really broke it down for us and gave us plenty to think on. Finally, we decided that we would approach the new HVAC unit upgrade as an opportunity to add value to the house. The kids were starting their own lives and it might make sense to sell the house in the near future. After speaking with a realtor, we chose to go deep with as much HVAC technology as we could. Now that all of that has been installed and I’m using it, I’m not so sure I ever want to leave this house! It’s the most comfortable heating and cooling situation I have ever enjoyed in my life.


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