Today is my Day to Find a Cool Window Film for my Flat

So it is Saturday and I have another hour or so of work then I am off to the beach for a little while to visit my friends who will most likely be down there.

They play paddle ball a few times a week, not the kind of paddle ball with the cheap paddles, these guys are professionals and they really rip the ball at each other.

We get crowds of people watching us play volleyball and paddle ball and it helps to give us more energy when we are out there. I love having an audience to perform tricks for. After the beach I’m hitting the home window tinting service company in the city center and looking into buying some for my flat. I want something that looks like fog or rain so it gives a natural feel when I look out the window instead of just a dark tint so I can’t see out so well. I know they have a good selection of decorative window films and I know that they also offer a special for installing it as well. They are having a sale on it this week and if you buy a set for the whole house they will come and do the installation for free. This sounds like a deal I can’t refuse and if they are good at installing the window film I may ask them if they can put it on my car windows too, which I would pay for the labor for, of course. There are lots of possibilities in the air today.


Commercial Window Film Installations

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