A home gym becomes a necessity

A few years ago, my husband & I transfered our family from an apartment in the city to our own home.

We bought a property in the suburbs with a great deal of yard & privacy.

The kids enjoy a yard they can play in. We now have the advantage of a garage where we can park both of our cars. I love cooking in a big kitchen. My husband finally got to set up his tool in a workshop. We’ve added a puppy to our family. We are hoping to install a pool. There are lots of benefits from owning a larger home in the country. One of the few drawbacks is the long drive to the city. It’s a 40 minute commute to access restaurants, shops & the various amenities. I miss being able to use a fitness center. The drive made it necessary for me to quit my gym membership. I don’t have enough time to drive there and back and also get a good workout. Just finding an hour for exercise every morning is a challenge. Because of this, I’ve arranged a home gym. I’m thankful that I had an extra room I could use to house my exercise equipment. I started with the basics. I bought a set of hand weights & a yoga mat. It was frustrating to workout without any of the more complex machines. I’ve gradually invested into better equipment. I now have a stationary bike & a treadmill. The machines are expensive but for me, they are worth the price. The weather in my area prevents me from handling my workouts outdoors for most of the year. I rely on my fitness equipment nearly every day. I am saving up to purchase a rowing machine. I plan to one day buy battle ropes & some better weight lifting equipment.

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