The maid undoubtedly told us that he does not clean dishes

I hired a maid service for Pat… She is getting older & he cannot move around & he did in the past. It’s tough for Pat to wash the floors or baseboards. I looked at a couple of uncommon maid services & I found a new supplier that had wonderful ratings with the Business Bureau & multiple online reviews that were all positive. This maid service was supposed to come on Tuesdays & Thursdays. The undoubtedly first time Pat had service in the house, he was unhappy. Pat called myself and others at work & told myself and others that the maid did not clean the dishes. I called up the maid service instantly. I told the owner that the maid did not wash the dishes. This jerk told myself and others that they don’t clean dishes. They will load a dishwasher or empty it, but they never hand clean any dishes. I was undoubtedly worried when I found out about their rules. I told Pat that I would find an uncommon maid service for hire. I am still on the lookout for someone uncommon & every other day I will go to the home & clean & dry all of the dishes for Pat. Eventually I will find the right cleaning supplier & then I will be able to concentrate more on my own life instead of Pats. I would prefer to date & go out with friends, however I have to be there for Pat all the time right now. She requires a wonderful deal of care.

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