My cousin Jan is an HVAC technician

My cousin Jan is an HVAC technician and she’s really good at her job.

  • She’s one of the only women I’ve ever met who works in the heating and cooling industry.

She has always been interested in stuff like that. Even back when we were kids, she would always help our grandpa and my uncle whenever they were working on the furnace or the air conditioning system in our house. They owned their own HVAC business, and they fully expected for my brother to join them in their business. However, my brother was not interested in doing heating and cooling work at all. He ended up going to school to become a pastry chef, of all things. In the meantime, though, my cousin Jan decided that the world of heating and cooling technology was exactly where she wanted to spend her life. She went to the local technical school here in town right after she graduated from high school so that she could get her heating and cooling certification. She did great in her classes, and by the time she finished up, my grandpa and my uncle were ready to hire her immediately. Now, she is really great at her job and even though it’s still considered a boys’ club in the HVAC industry, Jan can definitely hold her own when it comes to working and getting things done. I love the way that she doesn’t let anything keep her from her dreams. I would definitely hire her to do any sort of heating and cooling job at my house!

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