Going on a picnic with cooling hats

This last weekend, I planned a hiking trip for our fiance plus I, but there’s really nothing better than hiking in our opinion because you get your exercise, fresh air, plus get to see all the appealing scenery that nature has to offer! Both of us live on a gorgeous planet so why not check out the sites? So I ended up taking him to this location where the hiking trail was next to a stream.

The skies were appealing too, but I realized the sunlight was going to be beating down on us; so we went to the store plus I was trying to find something that would help us remain cool.

That’s when I found cooling hats, that were hats with a sort of makeshift cooling system. They were designed to hold water plus reflect the sunlight heating rays to make your body a fantastic deal cooler plus more comfortable in the heat of the day. They also came with a fan plus a mini solar panel to keep the fan running off a small rechargeable battery! I was a little bit skeptical but I couldn’t think of anything else other than an ice pack to keep us cool on our hike. I did have a couple of ice packs to keep our food from spoiling plus our drinks cold. I was particularly surprised at how well the cooling hats worked. I asked my fiance if the cooling hat looked ridiculous on myself and others plus he said it absolutely looked kind of stylish, even with the fan clipped on the hat! Fortunately, you had the option to remove the fan if you wanted, the cooling hat by itself worked pretty well. Both of us hiked all the way until we found a nice clearing where we could enjoy our picnic, plus it was unquestionably delightful!

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