Don’t know how this HVAC business got good reviews

When it comes to Heating and Cooling equipment professionals, I have typically been ecstatic with the repair that I have received when I would schedule a heating and cooling tune-up.

The appointments could be for anything, a repair, an update, or maybe some tune-ups. The two of us genuinely didn’t know too much about having a new dealer come over to repair the heating AC plan considering that the HVAC supplier that we normally go with had decided to raise their prices. The two of us were looking to save a substantial amount of money and this heating AC equipment dealer had genuinely awesome reviews and so we decided to give them a try. What a mistake that was. When the heating and AC equipment professional arrived at our property to perform the tune-ups… He acted extremely unprofessional and didn’t even do anything to our HVAC system! He first just let himself into our property because we happened to have the door unlocked. Then, I kid you not he helped himself to the steak in our fridge! Then when he finally did get finished with eating his food and enjoying television on our couch he went over to our HVAC equipment, looked at it, gave it a couple of hits with a wrench, before telling us he had absolutely no idea in the slightest how to fix it and then he left! As I was watching this happen my jaw was hitting the floor! I just could not easily believe this guy. I mean who does this!? I decided to reach the local heating equipment dealer and complained and they told me they would send out an up-to-date person. Believe it or not, the up-to-date person wasn’t a whole lot better. While he was somewhat professional, he did go straight to finally working on our heating and AC equipment. He completely admitted that he’d made a mistake and might have messed it up entirely. That was the final time we decided to go with this up-to-date heating and AC equipment business.

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