Our child started becoming more ambitious as he grew older

As our child started to get older, he wanted to figure out ways to make currency. I told him he could always go on a paper route because that’s what I did when I was his age, then he wasn’t sure if that’s what he would want to do. He was asking if he could do projects around the house on top of his chores. I could not promise him a lot of currency but I said I would try to come up with some things for him to do. He started doing project after project plus before I knew it, I owed him quite a bit of currency. I asked him what he planned to do with all this currency plus he said he was saving up for a PC. He said after he got a enjoyable laptop ipad, he was thinking about getting a window equipment for his room. He also said he would take it with him when he goes to school plus he will have the ultimate cooling relief so he can focus on his studies, while I wasn’t even sure at first if he should be using a window equipment in his room because of the extra expense with the energy bills, he seemed like he was responsible enough, however so I told him to go for it plus he made enough currency for the laptop plus the window equipment just like he planned for… Eventually he started toiling an actual task when he turned 16, however that window equipment has worked well for him plus he’s pretty enjoyable about learning on his laptop ipad. His grades have gone up plus at this rate, I guess he might qualify for a scholarship.


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