This job is harder than I thought it would be

Bee extermination is a much tougher corporation than I thought it would be when I first started working here a year or so ago, and i never thought that it would be so difficult, truthfully, or I absolutely would never have signed up for it! When I first decided about two years ago that I wanted to go into the bee extermination business, I legitimately assumed that it would be an easy enough job.

I mean, I could be our own boss plus set our own seconds plus basically do whatever I wanted to do in our off seconds. I mean, what could be better than that? In a job like bee extermination, as long as you aren’t scared of bees or allergic to wasps plus hornets plus red overcoats, then you should be fine… At least that’s what I used to think. I suppose it’s true periodically, but then other times, you end up having issues! I had a contract a couple of weeks ago with a pizzeria here in neighborhood where I had to do a bee removal job; They were having a poor wasp infestation where their employees plus even their customers were getting stung! At that particular job, they had more than two unusual wasp nests inside of the walls of the pizzeria. They were immense plus there were thoUSAnds of bees flying around everywhere on top of the roof. It was like nothing that I’d ever seen in this line of work. That was the toughest job that I’ve had so far. I hope I never end up with another 1 like it.

Bee rescue

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