Our church can afford to help the homeless now

For many years my church has been looking for a special way to help the homeless people in our area.

Even though I live in a relatively small City, we still have a fair number of homeless people.

And also other people at risk. Quite honestly, it is not difficult for people to find food. Many churches and government groups and other organizations provide food for the homeless or anyone else who asks for it. So although we do provide some amount of food, we really wanted something that could be truly helpful and also feasible to do. We finally came up with the solution that really suits our needs and serves the community.We are now able to offer mobile shower solutions, mobile bathroom solutions, andWe even have a modular building with washing machines and dryer so people can wash their clothes. From time to time, we even have some of our volunteers go into the modularOffices that are full of washers and dryers, and they will help fluff and fold. We got the idea because another church put up a modular kitchen behind their building. In the morning, they make bacon and eggs and pancakes in that portable kitchen oh, and they feed hundreds of people. We did not have anyone who wanted to volunteer to cook, plus that modular kitchen was already up and running so we wanted to do something different. That is when we looked into portable restroom solutions and portable shower solutions. I am quite happy about our portable showers especially. you know how good you feel after you take a shower, right? This is especially true if it’s been a while since you’ve had a shower. I see many people come out of the portable shower with a big smile on their face.


Affordable Permanent Home Solutions

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