My winter skincare secret

Every winter, my skin always becomes cracked, dry, and chapped.

The dry weather in the colder climate never fails to wreak havoc on my skin every year.

I have tried all kinds of balms, moisturizers, and ointments to keep my skin from drying out, but using the heater in my home makes the air in my house so dry that my remedies don’t seem to help. My neighbor told me about using a humidifier to help her son breathe at night, and I wondered if it would help with my skin. There are two main types of humidifier, one is portable, and can be plugged into any room in order to raise the humidity of that room, and the other kind is permanent, and is installed in-line with your existing HVAC system, in order to raise the humidity of the whole house. I decided to go with the portable unit, as it required much less of an initial investment. Setting up the humidifier was simple, fill the reservoir with water, and plug the unit in, and the humidifier does the rest. When I woke up the next morning, my skin was clear and moisturized! The humidifier helped maintain the humidity in my bedroom, so that even with the heater running, the air never became too dry in my bedroom. Now, whenever someone asks how I keep my skin so clear and moisturized in the winter, I am sure to tell them that my number one skincare secret is using a humidifier. IF you deal with dry skin in the winter, call your HVAC provider and see if a humidifier is right for you!



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