Does your home need an HVAC zone control system?

When my sister came to visit last fall, she pointed out something about my house that I had noticed in the three months that I had lived in the house.

My sister was sleeping in the guest bedroom at the far end of the hallway on the first floor of the house.

She was complaining that she had a long night because the guest room was very cold and the bathroom was even colder. After furnishing the guest room, I never went in there and that’s why I never knew the issue. Being an HVAC professional, my sister explained that I needed an HVAC zone control unit. Since it was fall and my allergies were acting up, she added that an air purification system would help ease up the allergies when I was in the house. We called up the local HVAC provider and ordered an air quality system. These units would help to clean out the air and enhance the air quality within the house. After the HVAC installation was done, I noticed a drastic improvement in the temperature in the guest bedroom and bathroom. These new systems allowed me to use temperature control and set varying temperatures for the top and bottom floors. The HVAC tech, upon noticing my endless sneezing, recommended that I invest in scheduling quality air duct cleaning services. This process included duct cleaning the HVAC ducts plus some of the components of the unit. To keep everything in check, I scheduled annual tune-ups for my unit with the homeowner solutions company downtown. The rest of the visit from my sister went well and it was a lot of fun. At least now she could sleep soundly and warmly all through the night.

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