We need help with the greenhouse effect

I think that we are going to have to give up and call in a professional HVAC technician to help us out in our great room.

We have been having all kinds of issues in the great room because of the fact that we have these huge windows in the great room.

The windows face out the back of the room toward the ravine that is out past our backyard. The unfortunate thing is that the windows face back toward the west and so whenever the sun starts going down, the great room really starts heating up. The view is really nice and so we don’t really want to put curtains over the windows and mess up the view. I don’t really know what to do about it, so I think I’m going to call up the local heating and air conditioning company to see what they think that I should do. I am wondering if we should try and get another kind of heating and cooling system specifically for the great room. I know that sometimes people get these HVAC units called ductless mini split air conditioning systems. Apparently, with these HVAC units, you don’t have to run extra ductwork to the room that you are trying to heat and cool. I don’t want to mess up the beautiful beams and the ceilings in the great room with a bunch of ugly HVAC ductwork. I don’t want to spend a fortune on updating the HVAC system, but we really have to do something about the greenhouse effect that’s going on in the great room.



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