The HVAC technician helps Alice save a lot on energy bills each month

Alice owns a flower shop in the big city, and she has so many customers! She has flowers coming out of her ears, plus Alice always ensures to keep a detailed inventory, especially for her regulars. Special events like ceremonies, banquets, plus proms keep Alice busy, plus at least one lady stops by daily to buy a dozen roses. Some for an anniversary or an event, others for the heck of it. Owning a flower shop (especially a thriving one) requires more work than most people think. It’s a fact that flowers wilt and lose their petals over time, plus they lack an outstanding shelf life! Ensuring the shop together with the storage area is cool is paramount, plus the temperature in the shop never goes above 75 degrees. Thankfully, Alice has an outstanding Heating plus Air Conditioning professional who services the unit weekly. The professional inspects all the ducts for leaks, engages diagnostics on the air handler, plus improves the software on the temperature control to keep the proposal up and running. The professional also delivers awesome tips for upgrading the cooling system’s efficiency. He’s helped Alice save a lot on her energy costs. At the moment, Alice is saving up for a complete air conditioning proposal replacement. She had a chat with the professional and he informed her the ducts are only going to hold up for so long. Since business has been great, Alice began a savings plan to buy a new cooling system. The Heating plus Air Conditioning professional helped her make knowledgeable choices about the new air conditioner system. In addition, Alice made sure that she picked a worthy AC unit within her budget. She’s grateful for the AC professional expertise, and looks forward to a new cooling system!



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