My husband brought a portable A/C device on the plane

I definitely wasn’t looking forward to our plane flight recently when we were going on a trip, but my hubby insisted everything would be fine.

I was actually surprised when he pulled a small portable A/C device from his carry-on bag and said that it would keep us perfectly cool for the duration of the flight.

He said that it works on a battery and it lasts for a good 6 hours. Our flight was 3 hours and he was right, the A/C was working great. He had it oscillating so it would blow towards both of us and our little area was perfectly comfortable. The little knobs that blow air on the flight aren’t very comfortable, not to mention you can’t adjust the temperature control settings with those knobs. Having a portable A/C appliance on the plane I thought was brilliant and I truly would have never thought about that. I think on all future flights, we are going to have to make sure to bring that portable A/C device. My husband said he was thinking about getting something like that for a long while and figured why not get it for the flight. He said he never felt very comfortable on the flights either, but this last flight was comfortable because of that portable A/C equipment. We definitely had a great time at our destination. We had a wonderful hotel at a little beach resort and we were able to have the best of times at the beach. We had unlimited drinks and we met a lot of amazing people.

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