Mom now enjoys better film nights with proper air conditioning

My mom lives by herself and is quite used to being the only lady making the most of the HVAC unit in our home! It’s quite the lavish experience! There’s no one to argue with about the thermostat or the power bill, plus she can keep the temperature at 73 throughout the day without being covered in sweat! But, a few weeks back mom started doing a Saturday film evening with my group of friends.

  • Soon after mom became aware easily that more people meant more cool air.

Once they all took their seats to watch the film, it became uncomfortably tepid in the living room. Mom only used to have one lady in the beach house (herself) however when she suddenly held a get together of six, having the thermostat at 73 just wasn’t working. Mom turned the thermostat down to 70 (without having to move a muscle, because her smart thermostat allowed mom to adjust the temperature with an app on her cell phone). But it did take a while for the room to cool down! A day later, mom called a Heating & A/C specialist company to make an appointment before the next film night. The Heating & A/C specialist did an inspection of her system, changed the air filter (which was so dirty), and performed some general service. Mom inquired from him a few things for the next film night, and he made an enjoyable suggestion. The specialist told mom to turn down the thermostat to the best temperature about forty minutes before her friends arrived. That way the beach house would be lovely for them the moment they came through the door. The plan wouldn’t have to be as strenuous to keep up if it started cooling before there were more people seated. The concept worked, and film nights have been ongoing without a hitch (or a hint of sweat) from that day.



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