Do you want to get cleaner than this?

My sibling insists on dusting the condo plus vacuuming every day.

I often have to suppose she is obsessed with cleanliness because there is often no dust to scrub away anyway.

It is not as though both of us live in a dusty area. In fact, the weather is favorable plus everything is in moderation. However, her obsession with cleaning emerges from her awful experience when she worked in a unusual city. She had been too tied up to take care of her beach condo plus would only have it thoroughly cleaned once a week on her only day off. Being a doctor, she worked double, plus occasionally triple shifts when the nearest hospital was too busy. This meant that she hardly had time to refresh let alone try to take care of cleaning plus Heating and Air Conditioning service needs. After weeks of such a slender schedule finally took a toll on her AC unit. She had neglected the unit, plus at that point she even forgot to change the filters plus dust accumulated to a point where the indoor air quality in her condo was compromised. She did not notice that there was an AC condenser leak as well. She panicked plus called her Heating and Air Conditioning specialist to come plus please help deal with this. The Heating and Air Conditioning company owner quickly sent a team of expert cleaning business who unattached the mold, cleaned the ducts, and repaired the outdoor condenser. They also maintained the entire method for any leaks. At the very end of the week, she also noticed that her bills had reduced by more than 10 percent. Since then, my sibling has been obsessed with cleaning.



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