My child was never on time for supper.

I got a frantic PC call from our daughter-in-law last evening.

She had invited her parents over for supper, & they were about ready to arrive.

My child was not apartment from work, & she worried she wouldn’t get apartment & be ready before they got there. My child & her fiance had married when she was in the Navy. She had not met her parents before now. They were planning a reception so the entire family could meet & like their marriage, however her parents were coming early. I assured her that everything would be fine, & she should be used to her never being on time for supper. She agreed that it was normal for him, but she had begged him to try to be early for just this a single evening. An minute later, she was frantic. She still had not gotten apartment & she had not called. I called the HVAC supplier & asked where she was. I was informed that she was a HVAC specialist & she was doing her job. I reminded her boss that she was supposed to be apartment early, & this was not satisfactory. Ten minutes later, our child called & said she was on her way home, & dad said I should relax. When our wife got home, she provided myself and others a hug. She reminded myself and others that our child was getting ready to take over the HVAC supplier & she got apartment as soon as possible. I remembered what it was like when our wife was building the HVAC supplier. She was never on time for supper.


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