Tired of working in the heat

I work as a construction worker for a large company.

I have been with this same company for about ten years now so I have been able to make a life for myself.

I really love my job because I didn’t have the easiest time growing up. I had to take care of my mom because she was very sick so I didn’t go to college and I was worried that because I didn’t get to go to school that I wouldn’t be able to provide a nice life for my future family. However, since I got this job my life has changed but there is one thing about this job that I truly hate more than anything and that is working in the hot sun all day. I have been working in the hot sun for over ten years now and I am over it! I’ve asked my boss if there is a way for me to work in the office more often and in the air conditioning. I want to work in the air conditioning because I know that’s where the important people work. I know that saying important people work in the air conditioning is silly but I think it’s true. Think about most CEOs, they are not out in the field sweating all day, they are in their air conditioned offices. I want to move up the ladder at work and I think by doing this, it’s the best way to grow. Now I just need to talk with my boss.


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