Web design is an important priority

My entire business consists of an air conditioned storage locker and a small laptop; and there is also a chair, and usually a cooler of drinks and pretzels, too.

Although, I could still run the business laying on the floor if push came to shove, as I keep all my inventory in one place, run all sales through the website, and make daily runs to the post office to ship out my sold items.

This is all very low overhead, which is just the way I really adore it, so I can pump more money into digital advertising and SEO strategies. This is a word to the wise — don’t worry about a store, or a physical base for your business, go all digital because your web design is much more important. If you are successful, then your website will be seen by millions more people than would ever see a physical store, so prioritize your website design! You know how a lot of people won’t put on pants for a Zoom meeting, because you don’t need them? That’s what a store is, when the website design is the most important part because that is what the world is going to see. I am making a pretty steady profit, so I am going to replace the website, and hire an SEO corporation to tune everything up and make me more visible online. I know that I still have a lot to learn about web development, although I assume I am finally on a nice track so far; but remember, people make your web design a top priority for your business if you want success!

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