My A/C isn’t gonna make it

I am always looking for ways to save money, and one of these ways is in my HVAC unit.

I know of probably all of the things, the one thing I shouldn’t be messing with is my HVAC unit, but I figured cutting a few corners here and there won’t hurt much.

Like one of the things I did was downgrade for high quality HEPA filters to a slightly cheaper but still decent air filter. I mean, do I really need to have such high quality filters? Probably not. Once I did that, I started looking for other ways to save money. I discovered that I lower my bills by only using my air conditioner when I was at home. Then I decided to lower my bills further by only using my air conditioning component in the day time, since night is usually cooler anyways. I rarely ever use my oil furnace, mainly since the area I live in doesn’t get cold all that often, so I don’t have to worry about my heater all that much, it’s the cooling unit as my main issue. I was quite proud of myself with the extra cash that I had managed to save, and I splurged on myself a bit. So, now that spring is rolling in, and in the time that HVAC maintenance is really popular, I saw another opportunity for saving money. I just had my heater and cooling unit system checked last year, and it was still completely functioning and working great. I decided that it didn’t need HVAC maintenance this year. This was a mistake, because right at the beginning of summer, I started noticing issues in my HVAC component. It only worsened from there, and I realized my A/C isn’t gonna make it.



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