HVAC cooling is doing more than simply cooling the house

It won’t be too long now.

  • The heat in this area is never too far from one’s mind.

That’s because it is the biggest weather related challenge we face in this area. The heat and humidity in this are epic during the summer months. It’s really intense and something that is just endured really. However, having lived up north through some of those winter, I’ll take the heat. I will trade HVAC cooling for HVAC heating every single day. There is no way there would be enough HVAC heating for me to get through another winter up there. But that doesn’t mean the heat and humidity in this region are any cake walk. There is a 4 month period where it’s best to stay inside some sort of HVAC cooling comfort during the peak heating hours. I work from home and while my house is cooler than outside by a long shot, I still have a fan on. If left unchecked, HVAC cooling can really cost you over the summer. So, I always try to find a reasonable setting for the thermostat. But still, the HVAC cycles on and off throughout the day. And it’s a good thing because the HVAC is not simply cooling my house. As it’s cooling the house, it is also balancing the humidity in the air as well. This is a crucial element of what the HVAC brings to the table. Without this humidity balance, the mold & mildew would be free to proliferate. That would not only be unhealthy to breathe but also a mess that would have to be continually cleaned.


HVAC cooling is doing more than simply cooling the house

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