When I was cooking with the Foreman grill, the kitchen didn’t overheat

I will be the first one to admit that I am not a very good cook.

I can do a little bit of grilling but that’s probably true of all men in the world.

I have never been good in the kitchen. When my wife was telling me that she was tired, she asked if I would cook dinner for the night. It was actually too cold to grill outside and I frowned at that. Then I remembered that I had a George Foreman grill and that would work. I only used it one time and it actually worked pretty well, I didn’t know why I didn’t use it more often. I hooked that baby up and started grilling some steaks in the kitchen! The cool thing was that the whole kitchen didn’t overheat either. I actually had a portable cooling system ready for when my wife was doing heavy cooking. The kitchen would just become uncomfortably overheated sometimes with all that cooking, but the portable A/C unit helped a lot. I honestly didn’t even need the portable cooling system. Hell, I didn’t even need to open the windows to let in some chilly air. The steaks turned out to be delicious and my wife also noticed that the kitchen didn’t overheat. She was telling me that I would have to cook far more often because of that. I honestly don’t like the sound of that because I love her cooking so much, but I guess I can pick up some of the slack with cooking. Part of me wishes I never found that Foreman grill though.

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