Son had a bad experience after chopping up with her lady

I was so upset about our child when she broke up with her lady.

Both of us knew how much she invested in the relationship plus she just truly dumped him for some pigskin player woman as our child refers to him as.

She was out there driving on the road during a heavy rainstorm. Both of us told him she shouldn’t be driving in those dangerous conditions, despite the fact that she didn’t want to be bothered plus she couldn’t be reasoned with. She ended up getting into a bad accident, then evidently, she was changing the temperature control settings while she couldn’t get her tears under control. She was crying plus blasting tunes on the radio plus she didn’t guess what to do. She ended up losing control on the road plus she almost hit oncoming traffic. She flew off the road plus she was hurt pretty bad, but at least she was wearing her seatbelt! We’re just glad that she is alive plus both of us guess that she is okay. She is always telling us how horrible the temperature control settings are in the hospital though. That’s something she always brings up plus she nags the medical professionals always, then unblessedly they always remind him of the strictly temperature control setting policy at the hospital. It has something to do with preventing the spread of germs. I told our child that when she comes back home, both of us are going to have an updated HVAC system. When she asked what it was going to be, I told him it was a ductless mini chop plus she would have her own customized temperature control settings in her room.


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