Saving big on HVAC with new solar shade system

The sun in our region can be quite intense.

And it shines most of the days of the year.

That sunlight has a direct effect on the interior temperature of our homes. And that forced the HVAC to work harder in order to cool the house. When I purchased this home, it was my idea not to hang curtains. We were in a rural area with no neighbors in site. Plus, there was so much wildlife all around us that I wanted to be sure to have an unobstructed view. While it took some getting accustomed to, I really did like having the constant views. However, when the first utility bill arrived for the summer, I was stunned. The cooling costs from the HVAC were just out of sight. That led to a hasty ad hoc covering of all the windows in the house. I just got some cheap plastic blinds. The HVAC costs went down dramatically. However, I really didn’t like the look of the plastic blinds and I missed having the views. Once the summer was over, we took those plastic blinds down and stored them. This year, we had an entire solar shade system installed in our home. What’s really awesome about these shades is that they are designed to mitigate direct sun heating almost entirely. Plus, they can by synced to our smart HVAC thermostat. It simply note the rise of temperature in different areas of the house and deploys the shades to stop the direct sun heating. It’s a great compromise between keeping the HVAC cooling costs down and having the view.


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