My partner thought she needed a portable a/c for the laundry room

When my partner was doing laundry, she told myself and others it was becoming boiling there.

I thought that was different because it never became warm there before when she was doing laundry.

She said that maybe the two of us could get a portable a/c unit to use in there so she wasn’t roasting to death while trying to do the laundry. I told her that was entirely not necessary and it would only increase the cost of the utility bills. She said the two of us had to do something and that’s when I let her guess I would look at it. She wanted myself and others to look at it right away too because she was in the process of doing laundry and it was way too uncomfortable inside of there. She even said she felt prefer the air quality was bad. So I checked it out and she was right, the air quality had suffered and I was thinking there had to be an issue with the ventilation. I checked behind the dryer and instantaneously discovered that the duct was detached from the back. I reaffixed it and secured it tightly and the complication was solved! I told my partner, “See the two of us don’t need a portable a/c unit in here, but it might not hurt to have a portable media air cleaner.” She thought the media air cleaner sounded prefer a great system so I picked her up 1 from the hardware store. It’s a pretty nifty little air cleaner and it has made the air quality so much better in the laundry room, then also there is no more issue with it being boiling in there which I’m ecstatic to know.


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