My father’s will wasn’t bad and I’m happy with how it went for everybody

I thought everything was fair with my father’s will after he passed away. He was not young, he lived a good life. He actually ran a successful HVAC company and that was also mentioned in the will. I was happy to learn that I would be taking over the HVAC company with an impressive amount of money. His household was to be split evenly amongst siblings and everybody else got a little more money than I did because I inherited the operation of the HVAC business. It was a well oiled machine with excellent staff members and these were guys I spoke to regularly. I actually do have my own HVAC certification, but not a business degree. I have been an independent contractor though and I have worked with my father’s business on many occasions. I never really thought about operating the place, but I do already have some great ideas. I want to focus on our advertising and make sure we have a strong internet presence. I want us to be fully interactive with our clients and I want everybody to be well informed about all our services and promotions. I also want to provide special services for people who are struggling financially. Just so people don’t abuse the system, we will only provide that service when they show in some way the state of their finances. We can’t just be offering a lower payment option for people who are not struggling and only working to abuse our system. Overall though, I’m happy with how things are going now.

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